APSC Mains Answer Writing – Questions for Week 11-17 Dec.’17

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APSC Questions - Mains Answer Writing - Assam Exam

APSC Mains Questions – Set 14 [ 11-17 Dec.2017 ]

Write answers to these Questions, Review others’ Answer, Ask Doubts and Discuss

Q1. Wassenaar Arrangement recently admits India as Its 42nd Member. What is this Wassenar arrangement? How does this membership benefits India? (250 Words)

Q2. What is China Pakistan Economic Corridor? What are the concerns India have with it? Also discuss the steps India should take to deal with it.
(250 Words)

Q3. How do agricultural subsidies affect the cropping pattern, crop diversity and economy of farmers? (250 Words)


NOTE: Learners please write the answers and review others’ answer , which will ultimately improve the answer writer, reviewer and most importantly the answer itself.

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