Essay for APSC Mains Exam

Essay for APSC Assam exam


Essays are an integral part of test( descriptive) of English language for any examination.

UPSC Civil Service Mains Exam has Essay as a separate paper itself, whereas in our APSC CC(Mains) Exam, essay may not be a stand alone paper, but it do forms 100 marks out of 300 marks of English paper. That’s why Essay should be given little special attempts to score better in the compulsory English paper.

Before 2013, there use to be only one essay to be written for 100 marks, but recently two essays (Group A and Group B) are being asked for 50 marks each, which is a good move to score better marks and also to give more options to the candidates (six choices).

Earlier years topics were mainly philosophical and issues of India.

Recent year topics

Group A ( 50 Marks) Group B ( 50 Marks)
Topics contemporary issues of India, mostly social, economic and political issues issues of Assam/North-Eastern region, mostly bio-diversity and social issues.


SUGGESTION Essay Topics for Mains 2017

Group A

  • Jobless growth in India
  • Cooperative federalism in India
  • Cashless Indian economy
  • Can capitalism bring inclusive growth?
  • Protection of ecology and environment is essential for sustained economic development
  • The deteriorating health care system in India
  • Lower quality of higher/technical education in India
  • Aadhar Card – Usefulness/potential threat
  • India’s Act East policy
  • India’s Renewable Energy Targets
  • NPA issue in India
  • Social media – a enabler or a spoiler

Group B

  • Prospect of Organic farming in North Eastern region
  • Citizenship issue/NRC
  • Immigration in Assam/North east
  • Threat to ethnic identity of native population
  • Promotion of culture of Assam
  • Flood menace of Assam
  • Improvement of School education in Assam
  • AFSPA Act – needed legislation or a misused power

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ANALYSIS of Previous Years Essay Questions

Year 2002 – 100 Marks

  • Free thinking
  • Science in everyday life
  • International Terrorism
  • Literature and life

Year 2006 – 100 Marks

  • The Role of Media in Indian democratic polity
  • Regional Literature and Cultural integration in India
  • Whither Indian agriculture?
  • Global terrorism and what it means to India
  • Politics and personal character

Year 2011 – 100 Marks

  • India today and what you want Her to be tomorrow
  • Liberty versus Responsibility of citizens in Democracy
  • Generation Next and Generation Before – Conflict and Cooperation between the two
  • Your idea of a scientific soceity
  • Death of the Book in the Digital Age of mass production

Recent Years Questions

  • Two Essay 50×2 =100 (400-500 words)
  • Three choices in each groups
Year Group A (50 Marks) Group B (50 Marks)
  • Culture and society
  • What ails Indian Sports
  • More Governance, Less governance : an agenda for Economic regenation of India
  • Cultural heritage of Assam
  • The prospect of eco-tourism in Assam
  • Identity Politics in North-East – it’s cause and consequences
  • Development imbalance in different regions of India and the role of governance as a corrective measure
  • Indian Secularism and Religious Conversion
  • Sports as a career choice
  • Bio-diversity of North-East India and its commercial viability
  • Rhino Poaching : Is there a solution?
  • Fairs and Festivals of Assam


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