Essay writing Tips for APSC Mains Exam

Essay writing Tips for APSC Mains Exam

Essay for APSC Assam exam


Essays are an integral part of English paper APSC CC(Mains) Exam. It forms 100 marks out of 300 marks of English paper.

Before 2013, there use to be only one essay to be written for 100 marks, but recently two essays (Group A and Group B) are being asked for 50 marks each, which is a good move to score better marks and also to give more options to the candidates (six choices).

Total Marks = 50×2=100

Time (Proportionately) = 30 min x 2 = 1 Hour


Tips to Write Essay Better

1. Choose Topic(s) wisely

Read all the topics thoroughly. You should choose the topic you know most about. If possible, try to avoid conflicting, sensitive and provocative topics. It is bit tough to do justice to the topic and trying to be neutral, without flowing with emotions and personal bias.

2. Brainstorming

Once you have selected the topic, give yourself sometime (may be 5 minutes) to bring in every relevant points you have read or heard about the topic. Write this points in rough (with Pencil) so that you don’t forget to put these in, while writing the essay.

Even while writing the essay, if any important point comes to your mind, write it immediately in rough space and use it in appropriate place.

3. Structure

Once you have the rough points in hand, start writing the essay following a logical flow or structure.

  1. Introduction of the topic
  2. Historical Background
  3. Main Topic issue
  4. Current scenario, any recent issue related to the topic
  5. Pros and Cons of the issue
  6. Way Ahead/ Suggested measures to improve the scenario
  7. Brief Conclusion

 4. Additional advantages ( Write only if only you know exactly )

  • Mention any figures or number ( if you remember )
  • Relevant quotes by famous personalities.
  • Relevant government schemes and policies.
  • Any recent judgement(s)

Bureaucratic attitude must be visible in the essay.

  • Try to give  a balanced picture.
  • Take a diplomatic stand.
  • Avoid writing unrealistic solutions.
  • Be respectful toward the opposite views also.


What NOT TO WRITE in Essay

  • Don’t resort to name-calling.
  • Don’t get too political.
  • Don’t get too personal.
  • Don’t express extreme views.
  • Don’t present problems  only, try to provide possible solutions too.
  • Don’t criticise the government excessively. ( You are not a THE HINDU Columnist!!)

Good Luck.

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