APSC Mains – Sociology optional paper

APSC Prelim 2016 – SOCIOLOGY Paper-Answer Key & solution

Full Syllabus & Reference Books

  • Introduction to types of Society in India : Tribal, Agrarian and Industrial.
  • Village Communities : Characteristics, Types, Tribal and Agrarian.
  • Caste : Meaning of Caste, Traditional features of caste. Theories of the origin of caste, changes in caste, caste and class castism.
  • Major Religions in India : Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Buddhism Christianity, Neo -Vaishnavism in Assam.
  • Rural Power Structure : Traditional and present Panchayat system, Tribal Village Council, Democratic Political system and changing power structure.
  • Urbanisation in India : Features, Urbanism, a way of life Rural Development and reconstruction programmes.
  • Tribes of India : General ethnic and population survey — Tribal communities in Assam and their Socio – Cultural life problems of tribal development, development schemes, Constitutional provisions, Tribal identity and movement.


  • Background of the Development of Sociological thought. A brief outline.
  • Comte : Law of three stages positive and hirarchy of Science.
  • Herbert Spencer : Concept of Social Evolution and Organisism.
  • Emila Durkheim : Social Facts, Social Solidarity Mechanical and Organic, Theory of Religion.
  • Karl Marx : Materialistic Interpretation of History, Class and Class Conflicts, Alienation.
  • Max Weber : Social Action and Ideal Type, Types of Authority, Religion and Economy.
  • Merten : Functionalism, Manifest and latest function.
  • Persons : Theory of action, Social system and pattern variable.


  1. Sociology- Themes and Perspectives by Haralambos and Heald
  2. Sociology by T.B Bottomore
  3. Sociological Thought by Abraham and Morgan
  4. Methodology and Techniques of Social Research by Jaspal Singh
  5. Caste in Modern India and other essays by M.N Srinivas
  6. Social Change in Modern India by M.N Srinivas
  7. Social Stratification by Dipankar Gupta
  8. IGNOU/NIOS/Internet – for clarification

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