Sociology Study Material for APSC Mains Exam

Sociology Study Materials - Assamexam


Introduction to types of Society in India : Tribal, Agrarian and Industrial. | Agrarian Classes – Addl Link 1 | Urbanization

Rural Social Structure

Village Communities in India – Characteristics & Types

Rural Economy

Village and the Outside World

Caste : Meaning of Caste, Traditional features of caste, Theories of the origin of caste, changes in caste, caste and class

The Scheduled Castes

Caste Structure and Regional Patterns

Caste – Continuity and Change

Gender, Caste and Class

Class in India

Working Class

Middle Class

Backward Classes

Major Religions in India : Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Buddhism and Christianity

Hindu Social Organisation

Muslim Social Organisation

Sikh Social Organization

Christian Social Organisation

Zoroastrian Social Organisation


Religion and Culture

Religion and Politics

Neo-Vaishnavism in Assam

Patterns of Urbanisation

Urban Social Structure

Urban Economy



Tribes Social Structure – I

Tribes Social Structure-II

Elwin and Ghuryes Perspectives on Tribes

Social Differentiation among Tribes

Religion in Tribal Societies

Tribe and Caste

Tribe, Territory and Common Property Resources

Tribes and Modernisation in India

Ethnic Relations and Conflicts

Tribes of Assam

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Sociology as a Science

Emergence Of Sociology In Europe

Methodology : Marx, Durkheim And Weber

Comte : Theory of the Law of three stages  | Addl link 1

Comte : Hierarchy of Science | Addl link 1

Comte : Positive Science | Addl link 1

Herbert Spencer : Concept of Social Evolution | Addl link 1

Herbert Spencer : Structural Functionalism

Theory of Reference Group

Forms of Social Solidarity

Karl Marx : Materialistic Interpretation of History

Karl Marx : Class and Class Conflicts

Karl Marx : Alienation.

Capitalism – Weber & Marx

Division of Labour – Durkheim And Marx

Dialectics and Social Change

Forces, Relations and Modes of Production

Max Weber : Ideal Type

Max Weber : Types of Authority

Power And Authority


Max Weber : Religion and Economy

Religion : Durkheim And Weber

Merton : Functionalism

Merton : Manifest and latent function | Addl link 1

Parsons : Functionalism And Social Change

Parsons : The Concept Of Social System

Persons : Pattern variable | Addl link 1

Critique Of Parsons And Merton

State – Marx, Weber, Parsons and Others


Sociology in India

Social Background of the Emergence of Sociology in India

History And Development Of Sociology In India – I

History And Development Of Sociology In India – II

India : Sociological Perspective

Emergence of the Discipline -Issues and Themes

Village Studies in India

Field View

Marriage and Its Changing Patterns | Addl link 1

Family and its Types

Kinship-I  | Kinship-II

Rural and Urban Poverty

Social Movements


Application & Misc Points

Development and Progress-Economic and Social Dimensions

Critic of Civil Society

Dependency Theory of Underdevelopment

Sustainable Development

Population and Development

Social and Human Development

Change, Modernisation and Development

Civil Society Movements and Grassroots Initiatives

Social and Human Development



Globalisation, Privatisation and Indigenous knowledge

Economic, Social and Cultural Dimensions of Globalisation

Dimensions of Knowledge Society- Issues of Access and Equity

Marxian Perspective on Development

Liberal Perspective on Development

Gandhian Perspective on Development



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Assam-Exam-sociology-test-series - Assam Exam

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