English Paper – Report/Letter Writing, Letter to Administration, Field Report Sample Format



A. Report in News Paper – How to write Report in News Paper

B. Letter to Administration Format Sample


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The District Collector
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Subject: Regarding Loudspeaker Issue in (name of the colony)

This letter is to bring into notice the Loudspeakers that are becoming a bog noise pollution in our colony. It is quite a fact that a colony like ours has old age people and kids who cannot tolerate such nuisance all the time.

Besides the so many requests we put up to the youth committee that is turning on the Loudspeakers every evening, the problems still prevails in our colony.

Please take into consideration the lot many problems like loss of sleep, lack of concentration to study and health hazards that people in our colony are facing due to the Loudspeaker issue. Kindly take necessary actions and help us get rid of the noise pollution as early as possible.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

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C. Details of Destruction/Disaster and Survey/Field Visit Report – Sample

Letter By The District Collector To The Chief Secretary Of The State in respect to the drought situation prevailing in the district and the remedial measures taken to control the same :

From :
District Collector,
District Junagarth.

To :
The Chief Secretary,
Govt of State Of Gujarat.

Sub : Havoc caused by the drought in the district of XXXXX

Our district has been suffering from the shortage of rains regularLy for the last three years. Due to scanty rainfall, the water level in the entire district has gone down tremendously. Without water in the wells and with no rainfall, all the crops have dried up thus causing huge loss to the farming community in particular. Here, most of the agriculture depends mainly on rainfalls. The canals and ponds in the area have also dried up completely. An actue shortage of water is being faced. Cattle are either sold by the farmers or left to die becase of the shortage of water and fodder. The cost of fodder has shot up tremendously. This drought has so far claimed 120 lives of cattle and affected more than 600 villages of the district with a population of around 3 millions.

No Rains and shortage of water has created famine like conditions. The drought has rendered lakhs of villagers jobless. The dead-bodies of animals arr stinking in the fields and creating a health hazard. The danger of spreading of an epidemic is imminent.

I have visited almost all the affected villages. I found the situation very alarming. We are arranging fodder from the near-by state. Water is being supplied in tankers from the city area. Loans are being distributed to the farmers to arrange for the deepening and electrification of wells. The CMHO is instructed to check the spread of any disease. Free dry wood is being made available to facilitae the cremation of dead animals.

We have also taken assistance of voluntary organizations, NGOs and other generous people to help the affected people. Although, the situation is under control, yet lot of fund is needed to provide remedial help to the affected people. We need at least 150 crore rupees to begin the relief work in a proper manner.

Please arrange the necessary funds so that the situation caused due to the drought may be checked effectively.

District Collector