APSC Mains Answer Writing – Questions for Week 08-14 Jan.’18

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APSC Questions - Mains Answer Writing - Assam Exam

APSC Mains Questions – Set 18 [ 08-14 Jan.2018 ]

Write answers to these Questions, Review others’ Answer, Ask Doubts and Discuss

Q1. Explain the procedure for appointment of Judges in Supreme Court. (250 Words)

Q2. Discuss how Aadhar poses potential threat to private and very sensitive data of individual citizens. Discuss the steps need to be taken to address various concerns related to it. (250 Words)

Q3. Entrepreneurship can curb youth unemployment to a large extent. Discuss the role of Government in promoting entrepreneurship in India. (250 Words)


NOTE: Learners please write the answers and review others’ answer , which will ultimately improve the answer writer, reviewer and most importantly the answer itself.

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