APSC Mains Answer Writing – Question for Week 11-17 Sept. 2017

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APSC Questions - Mains Answer Writing - Assam Exam

APSC Mains Questions – Set I [ 11-17 Sept. 2017 ]

Write answers to these Questions, Review others’ Answer, Ask Doubts and Discuss

Q1. Govt of Assam is planning to organise ‘Namami Barak’ in line of the ‘Namami Bharmaputra’. Mention some usefulness of such events.

Q2. High Speed Railway in India, is it wasteful use of scarce resources or necessary futuristic advancement in public transport. Discuss.

Q3. Recent deaths from the Blue Whale game just proves how dangerous the internet ca be, without proper regulations. Suggest measures to avoid such instances in future.


NOTE: Learners please write the answers and review others’ answer , which will ultimately improve the answer writer, reviewer and most importantly the answer itself.

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  • Adhikary Education

    Please Write the answers in the comments and Review others answers also…

  • tania

    Namami Brahmaputra is considered as the largest river festival of India. It was organized during the month of February 2017 across 21 districts of Assam. It has received huge appreciation from all over the county. Various celebrities and union cabinet ministers witnessed this program. It was a huge success and the state government has been credited for initiating such a festival.
    Brahmaputra and Barak are the two most important rivers the state is blessed with. The essence of Assamese and Bengali civilisation are associated with the two rivers. They play a crucial role in the development of our state as water is the most important resource without which life cannot sustain. Therefore, govt is planning to organise the same festival for the people of Barak valley by organising “Namami barak”.
    The river festival can proved to be of great use:
    1. Firstly , the importance of river in our lives can be realized.
    2. To inform the public as how civilisation has grown along these rivers since ages
    2. Raise awareness for the conservation and preservation of water bodies.
    3. Their importance of maintaining a balance in the ecosystem
    4.Harmful consequences of contaminating the rivers
    5. The main objective is to make understand people to treat the water bodies in the same way as we respect and worship our god.
    7.This provides an important platform to showcase the evolution of cultures ,traditions,food habits of Assamese society .
    8. Lastly , this festival serves as a great source of enjoyment for the public along with message of importance of river bodies.
    Therefore ,this festival marks an important step taken by the government for the realization of importance of river in the creation of our civilisation.

    • Himanshu Saloi

      It was a five day festival organized from 31 March to 4th April..

      • tania

        Oh yes.. Thanks for the correction

    • Caesar

      its good…try to give a conclusion..it makes the answer look better..plz review mine..

    • Madan Phukan

      The opportunities for economic development through proper use of these two river, ( as well as communication also) may be one point for it

  • Caesar
    • tania


      • tania

        One more positive aspect, it will reduce the travel time between two cities thus saving fuel and energy

        • Caesar

          ohh this is so basic advantage n still i forgot to mention it..thanks ..

  • Caesar