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Dimasa-Kachari and Ahom Clash : Assam History

The Kacharis ( also called Dimasa-Kachari) who belonged to the great Bodo race, were one of the earliest aboriginal tribes of the Brahmaputra valley. The early part of the 13th century saw the rise of the Kachari kingdom,. The powerful kings of the Kachari Kingdom were Jashanarayan, Pratapnarayan, Jamradwaj and Govindchandra. The Kacharis claim descent from Ghatotkacha, the son of Bhima.

The Ahoms settled into the tract between the Chutiya and the Dimasa Kingdoms that was inhabited by the Borahi and Matak peoples.

After the subjugation of the Borahis and the Morans, Sutenpha (1268-81) demanded the surrender of the Kacharis or else the payment of tribute. The Kachari king refused the demand and asserted that his people had lived there for three generations, and that no outsiders could stake claim to these lands.

The first clash with the Ahom Kingdom took place in 1490, in which the Ahoms were defeated. The Ahoms pursued for peace, and an Ahom princess was offered to the Dimasa-Kachari king and the Dimasa-Kachari took control of the land beyond the Dhansiri. After this, Suhungmung proceeded to the west of the Dikhow. An expedition was sent against the Kacharies once more. At last the Ahoms were able to lay claim on Marangi. Both sides now agreed to offer sacrifices to the deity at Dergaon. The Kacharis withdrew to the west of the Dhansiri.

In 1526 the Dimasa defeated the Ahoms in a battle, but in the same year they were defeated in a second battle. The skirmishes continued with the Kacharis entering into Ahom territory. A serious engagement took place near Marangi in which Kacharies were utterly defeated, losing at least 1700 men.

In 1531, Suhungmung dispatched a force to occupy Marangi where he constructed a fort; this was followed by a severe battle in which the Ahom general died. The Ahoms, under the cover of cow (Mushu), advanced up to Dimapur, the capital of the Dimasa Kachari Kingdom or Hirimba Kingdom.

The Dimasas in accordance to their animistic faith believes cows (Mushu) to be “Gushu” (impure). This belief is still held by the Dimasas. When the Dimasa army attacked the Ahom’s army, they took cover of cows. The king of the Dimasa Kingdom along with his mother and many royals were murdered after the Ahoms reached the city. The Ahoms later installed Detchung as the king of the Dimasa Kingdom with yearly taxes of 20 Elephant and 1 lakhs of rupees (mudras).

In 1536 the Ahoms attacked the Dimasa capital once again and sacked the city. After the death of Detchung, Dimapur fell into the hands of Ahoms and was placed under an officer designated ‘Marangikhowa Gohain’. The Dimasa abandoned Dimapur and retreated south to set up their new capital in Maibang (“Mai” means “Paddy” and “bang” means “Plenty or abundance”), in the North Cachar Hills.



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