History Study Material for APSC Mains Exam

History Study materials APSC-Mains Assam exam


Indian Culture, Ancient and Modern History of India

Chronology of Indian History: Ancient India to Modern India

Indus Valley Civilization

Important Indus Valley Sites and Archaeological Discoveries

Ancient India – Early Cities and Republics

Ancient India – Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism

Ancient India – Maurya and Post-Maurya Rulers

Ancient India – Gupta and Post-Gupta

Medieval India – Mughal Dynasty

Medieval India – Rulers and Buildings

Medieval India – Towns, Traders and Craft persons

Medieval India – Tribes, Nomads and Settled Communities

Medieval India – Bhaktism Sufism and Sikhism

Medieval India – Regional Cultures

Medieval India – Political Formations in the 18th Century

Land Revenue Systems in British India – Zamindari, Ryotwari and Mahalwari

Origin of Indian Constitution

Arts of the Mauryan Period

Post Mauryan Trends in Indian Art and Architecture

Later Mural Traditions

Temple Architecture and Sculpture – Hindu, Buddhist and Jain

Indian Philosophy

Classical Dances of India

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history of britain - ebook Assam exam

History of Great Britain 1485-1945 :

Henry VII

Henry VIII | Religious Policy

Reformation of the English church | Addl link 1

Queen Elizabeth | Addl link 1

Elizabeth’s Exploration and foreign policy

Elizabeth I & her parliaments

Tudor Parliaments

Oliver Cromwell and the Restoration

The Commonwealth of England 1649 – 1660

The Commonwealth, the Protectorate and Return of the King

French war and Indian war

The Effects of the Seven Years War

Historical Significance of the Seven Years’ War | Addl link 1

How the Seven Years’ War led to the American Revolution

Robert Walpole

William Pitt, the Elder

The Effects of the American Revolutionary War on Britain

The impact of the Napoleonic Wars in Britain

Industrial Revolution | The Industrial Revolution and the changing face of Britain

Chartism movement

Anglo-German rivalry – Naval Race between Germany and Great Britain | Addl link 1

World War I – Why started ?

Winston Churchill | How Churchill Led Britain To Victory In The Second World War

Labour Reforms – The Welfare State 1945-1951 | Labour’s Legacy


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