Forest Ranger 2014 – GK Question Paper and Analysis

APSC Assam Forest Ranger 2014 - GK Paper and Analysis


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Sectional Analysis Forest Ranger 2914 - GK - Assamexam

The GK Paper is analysed and section-wise break-up of the total no. of questions and marks are done here, to give you a better idea of the areas/topics more question appears in the exam.

You can see from the above picture, ‘History‘ and ‘Geography’ and ‘Polity’ sections were heavily represented in the paper, and surprisingly the ‘Environment’ section was not as heavily represented as we would have supposed.

Another surprise miss is ‘Economy’ section, only 1 Qs was from this section, which we have put in Miscellaneous section.

Assam Qs Analysis Forest Ranger 2014 - GK - Assamexam

These analysis should be taken as an input for making your preparation strategy, But please don’t be too stick to this trend as a lot has changes since 2014 ( The exam was last conducted). Some changes we can expect for sure in this years exam.

Good Luck!!

Section Qs Questions
Geo 19 Name of Indian desert
Landlocked Country
Which state has border with largest no. of other states
Diego Garcia Is located in which Ocean
Diff b/w IST and GMT
Most saline sea
Mahatma Gandhi Setu over which river
Identify the Kharif crop among the options
Sherpas are
Country and their nickname
Tropical Rain Forest found in which area
Largest strech of tropical rainforest in the world is in
Ox-Bow lage originate from which source
Location not in Assam
Site ( district) of rain forest in Assam
16th state of India, separated from Assam
No. of districts in Assam
Assam share international border with which countries
Highest literacy rate among NE states

Study Materials and Notes
Environ-ment 7

Migratory bird of India
Only Lion habitat in India
Birdman of India
Dachigam Sanctuary in which state
Jatinga famous for
In Assam Project Tiger in
Panidihing Birds Sanctuary in which district

Study Materials and Notes
Current Affairs 8 First Asian city to host summer Olympic twice
Author of ‘No one writes to the Colonel’
First gold medal for India in Glasgow Commonwealth Games
SC verdict related to transgenders in 2014
2016 Olympic Games at
Which coutnry to host 2018 & 2022 FIFA World Cup
Who won Golden Ball in FIFA 2014
SAARC declared the decade ‘2006-2015’ as

Study Materials and Notes
History 23 Navaratnas were members of court of which emperor
Category of Markandeya and Kalika
Simla Agreement was signed ( When & Who)
North American Public Leader a devout follower of Gandhiji
Means of earning for early Aryans
Amir Khusru lived in the Court of
First Railway line in India was opened in
The Capital of India shifted to Delhi during the viceroyalty of
Which Century Fahien visited India
Where are the Ajanta Cave located
Father of India Unrest
First Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India
First session of Indian National Congress was Presided by
First ever census in India
Two major events in 1757 and 1857
Who from Assam joined Dandi March
Assam Association was replaced by the Provincial Congress Organisation in
Phulaguri Uprising in which year
Stilwell Road originate and end point, passing country
Who formed Swaraj Party in Assam
When Yandaboo treaty was signed
In Khasi Hills, U Teerut Singh revolt in which year
Assam Accord

Study Materials and Notes
Polity 16 Min. Strength of State Legislative Assembly
Max. time gap b/t two sessions of Parliament
First President of India elected unopposed
Which body finalise the Five Year Plans
Which is extra-contritutional body among the options ( PC, UPSC, EC, FC)
Fundamental Duties incorporated under which amendment
Mandal Commission was set up in which year
Which Article deals with Equality before law Equal Protection of law
Fundamental Duties incorporated on recommendation of which Committee
Total no of states and UT in India
election campaing has to stop how many hours before actual polling
Strength of Judges in Supreme Court of India
When Indian Forest Service came into being
Limit of Campaign expenditure for Lok Sabha and State Assembly seats in bigger state
Item 17-A and 17-B in Concurrent List of Indian Constitution contain what
First Speaker of Lok Sabha

Study Materials and Notes
Culture 7 Kuchipudi is classical dance of which state
Which dance is conferred classical status
Oman is a festival of
Pongal is festival of
Ali-Aai-Ligang festival celebrated by
Which state celebrate Horn Bill festival
Me-Dum-Me-Phi festival is celebrated on

Study Materials and Notes
Science & Tech 7 First India satellite Arybhatta lancuhed in
Indian satellite used for natural resource survey
India’s Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile is
Subramanium Chandrasekhar won Nobel Prize in which area
ISRO Satellite centre at
Which is NOT a Nuclear Power Station ( Kalpakkam, Narora, Tarapur, Kundakulam)
India’s achievement – WHO declared India a polio free
Aptitude 5 Percent
Code language
Misc 8 Odd man out – Sports personalities
Century old Newspaper
Narasimha Rao was prime minister for the period
Who headed Inquiry Commission to probe Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination
Head-quarter of UNHRC at
First Country to introduce VAT
Death Anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi is obesrved asinstitute
IAS Officials training


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