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APSC Mains Test Series - GS Paper

We will list here some of the most trending issues/topics, which have very good chance to appear in the APSC Mains Paper or information on the topics can be used as key points Essay.

  • KUSUM (Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan) scheme
  • BITCOINS Crypto-currency
  • Assam Tourism: Potential and Challenges
  • Article 21 of Indian Constitution – A Complete Analysis
  • Brexit and it’s effect on India – Updated
  • Demonetization: A Critical Evaluation – Updated
  • Right to Privacy: Basic Understanding – Updated
  • NITI Aayog: Objectives  & Performances – updated
  • India’s Healthcare – Challenges & Opportunities – Updated
  • National Health Policy 2017 – Updated
  • Assam Flood: All You Need to Know – Updated
  • GST: Unified Tax Regime – Updated
  • Indian Rhino Vision 2020
  • Smart City & sustainable dev of cities
  • Chinese Design: OBOR & CPEC
  • DACA Amnesty
  • India-China Relation
  • Right to privacy issue
  • Triple talaq issue
  • Budget reforms
  • Universal basic income
  • Health care policy
  • Surrogacy bill
  • Funding of political parties
  • Water issues – debates related to its inclusion in concurrent list.
  • NSG and opposition by china
  • UN Reform and India’s UNSC bid.
  • Relations with US after regime change.
  • Africa- Asia growth corridor
  • IPR and generic medicine related issues
  • Issues related to GM crops
  • WTO ruling against Domestic content requirement of solar panels.
  • Twin balance sheet and NPA issue.
  • Financial inclusion through digital payment mechanism.
  • Pollution issues in metro cities
  • Superbug and antibiotic resistance issues
  • Doklam standoff
  • Cyber security issues
  • Characteristics, problems and solutions to agro sector overall
    Doubling farm income
    Extension services and steps taken
    Farm mechanisation
    APMC and common market , e NAM
    Agro insurance and analysis of PMFBY
    Taxing agro income
    Green revo and second GR
    Sustainable agro – NICRA etc
    Climate change and agro
    Model land leading act
    Loan waivers
    Farm suicides
    Shanta Kumar and FCI
    Fertilisers – urea subsidy
    Micro irrigation
    Pulses and dal diplomacy
    All issues of PDS
    Food security – NFSA and flaws
    Agro and GST
    E-tech for farmers – mKisan, eDhara etc
    Animal rearing
    Food processing – potential, problems , way forward
    SAMAPADA – umbrella scheme 2017
    Mega food parks
    FSSAI reforms
    Contract farming
    Horticulture sector
    Organic farmingOBOR
    Silk Route
    NITI Aayog
    Namami Brahmaputra & Barak river
    WTO Failure
  • Wealth Inequality in india
  • Lateral entry Bureaucrats and new 360 appraisal system
  • RTE assesment,No detention policy
  • DNA profiling bill
  • State reorganization evolution and legality, smaller states v/s bigger state
  • PPP in healthcare [NITI ayog recommendation] con
  • Skill development related schemes assesment
  • Solid waste management
  • Criminalisation of politics,section(8) RPA,Lily Thomas case
  • Social audit
  • Higher education in general
  • MALABAR exercise…maritine diplomacy…india oceanzone of peace..freedom of navigatio
  • Startup India mixed result…Definition of startup..
  • Atal inoovation mission…tinkering labs..incubators..accelerators..
  • GDP parameters measurement – issue
  • RCEP negotiation…IPR..TRIPS+
  • Pharma sector..IPR…generic drugs.
  • Agenda 2030..Indias VNR..india’s performance in MDG
  • Air pollution in general..WHO WHO said something
  • Foreign trade policy..exports down.. Private investment not rising…
  • Trump tantrum cliamte deal…cliamte finance without US…is paris going kyoto way
  • PPP reforms[kelkar panel] …stalled projects..environment clearance..overleaveraged firms..
  • Railway reforms[debroy panel]..RDB..AG report on railway services..budget..high speed Rail..accounting..


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