APSC Mains 2016 – GS Paper and Analysis

APSC Mains 2016 – GS Paper – Analysis


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APSC Mains 2016 GS Paper Analysis Assamexam

The GS Paper (on 18 Feb, 2018) is analysed and section-wise break-up of the total no. of questions and marks are done here, to give you a better idea of the areas/topics more question appears in the exam. ‘Indian Culture, Ancient and Modern History of India’ and ‘Geography of India and Assam’ sections were heavily represented in the paper.


Sections/Areas Sectional Marks Questions
Indian Polity & Political system in India 68 Discuss the basic features of Indian Constitution. Is Indian Constitution flexible in nature? 16
Discuss the nature of Fundamental Rights in India. When Fundamental Rights be suspended in India? 16
Composition of Election Commission of India. Describe its main functions. 16
What is Money Bill? Discuss the passage of the Money Bill. 8
Pocket veto power 2
Zero hour 2
IMDT Act 2
Article 1 of Constitution of India 2
Three-Tier Panchayat System 2
Article 360 2
Indian Economy &Planning Processes in India 44 Write briefly about the NITI Aayog. How does it differ from the Planning Commission? 16
Why there is disparity in development of North-East India? How can we address regional disparities by appropriate planning? 5
Write the influence of climate on the economy of the population of Assam 5
What are ‘Tax Heaven’ and how are they promoting corruption in India? 5
Write about GST and it’s impact on Indian economy 5
Mention two threats faced by the small tea growers of Assam 2
Which Five-Year Plan focused on ‘growth with social justice and equity’? 2
In which Five-Year Plan the gap between target and actual growth was the highest? 2
Mention two commercial crops of Assam other than tea 2
Geography of India and Assam 92 Describe the salient features of Indian agriculture. Delineate the major rice producing belt of India 16
Assam is not only rich in natural resources but also in cultural life and socioeconic setup which are prevalent among the different ethnic groups. Examine it with reference to the various ethnic groups of the State 16
What is the main cause of urbanization? Critically examine the major issues and challenges that India faces as her urbanization proceeds. 8
What are the main causes for conflicts over water? Discuss one international and one inter-state water conflict. 8
What are greenhouse gases and what is greenhouse effect? Discuss the potential and contribution of these gases to global warming. 8
What is biodiversity hot spot? What the biodiversity significance of North-East India 5
What is disaster management? How could it be helpful in preventing the loss of lives and property in the event of occurrence of any disaster? 5
What are the fossil fuel resources in India? 2
What are the largest mineral-based industry in India? Why is it a key or basic industry 2
Mention two geographical requirements for the growth of wheat in India 2
Identify two issues in which NE India is lagging behind its neighbouring states of India 2
Name the countries having international boundary with the state of North-East India 2
Give two reasons why Assam is lagging behind in blue revolution in spite of having innumerable wetlands 2
How has climate change affected the production of tea in Assam 2
Name the tropical rain forest of Assam and state its characteristics 2
What is the decadal growth of population in Assam during the decade 2001-2011 2
What to the letters CTC stand for when used in relation to tea 2
Name the bird sanctuary of Assam and in which district it is located 2
What is McMahon line? Why is it the bone of connection between India and China? 2
Mention in two points how the productivity of human resources of India is adversely affected by high birthrate of population 2
Role and impact of Science and Technology in India 30 Give an overview of Space Programme in India. Write briefly about the major space centers of India 16
Write about acid rain and it’s impact on environment 5
What are renewable and non-renewable source of energy? Give examples 5
What is Ozone-layer depletion 2
What are carbon nanotubes 2
Current Events of National and International importance 64 What are Sustainable Development Goals initiated by UN General Assembly? What are its goals? Explain briefly? 16
Mention varous skill development projects undertaken by the Govt of Assam. Do you think that Skill Development Mission 2022 will cover all the targeted individuals ( especially abled persons) to be trained? Comment. 16
What are the main factors for the degradation of forest in India? Write briefly about the ‘Ecomark’ scheme and it’s objectives. 16
When was National Food Security Act enacted? Highlight the major programmes of the Act under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. 8
Discuss the recent population policy framed by Assam Govt. Is it helpful for the development of the State? Give reasons. 8
Indian Culture, Ancient and Modern History of India 136 “Sardar Patel accomplished a silent revolution by ensuring the absorption and assimilation of a multitude of principalities without shedding even a drop of blood.” Discuss. 16
Analyze critically that Buddha’s teachiongs to a large extent could be helpful in understanding and resolving the problems of today’s society. 16
India has had its cultural and trade relations with nations of South Asia since ancient time. Illustrates with examples. 16
Discuss the salient features of Harappan culture. Write the causes of it’s decline 16
How external invasions influence the art and culture of India in post-Mauryan period? 16
Short note on ‘Gamosa’ and it’s significance in Assamese society. 8
What policies did the Ahoms adopted towards the frontiers tribes 8
Write about the significance of ‘Japi’ in Assamese society. 5
Distinguish between culture and civilization 5
Assess the development of science and technology in Mughal period 5
Write briefly about the position of women in medieval Assamese society. 5
Name the states of India in which Garga and Tamasha dance form originated 2
What is the meaning of ‘Bhatima’ 2
What are the Zikirs and Zaris 2
What is the other name of ‘Naam Ghosa’? Why is it so called? 2
What do you know about ‘Bhatheli festival’ 2
Name the authors of Akbarnama and Harshacharita 2
Name two leaders of Santhal uprising ( 1855) 2
Name two tea gardens of Maniram Dewan 2
What is Ali-Aye-ligang? 2
In which year the Battle of Saraighat was fought and who was the Ahom king at that time? 2

* Includes OR Questions also


  • This is quite a turn from 2015 ( Economy-137 Marks, History-80 Marks, Geography-79 Marks, Current Affairs-53 Marks, Polity-47 Marks and Sc & Tech -33 Marks).
  • Economy section is drastically reduced and is compensated by increase in History section. Geo, Polity and Current Affairs increased slightly. S&T is almost constant.

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