APSC Mains – Education

APSC Prelim 2016 – EDUCATION Paper – Answer Key & solution

Full Syllabus & Reference Books

Part ­ I:

  • 1. Meaning, definition and scope of education, Aims — individual, social, liberal, vocational and Harmonious development of education, Aims of education in a democracy.
  • 2. School and community— their relations, functions and responsibilities.
  • 3. Curriculum, Definition and types of curricula, defects of present
    curriculum, principles of curriculum construction, Importance of correlation of studies. Co-­curricular activities types and their values in education.
  • 4. Freedom and discipline Importance of freedom in education, Free ­discipline, relation between freedom and discipline. Discipline meaning types and its importance, Reward and punishment.
  • 5. Teacher ­ qualities of a teacher, importance of his personality, Functions of teacher in school. Material education needed for teaching.
  • 6. Theories of play­ – play methods in education.
  • 7. Education for international understanding and national integration.

Part ­ II:

  • 1. Psychology­ it’s meaning, scope and definition, its importance in
    education, Methods of educational psychology.
  • 2. Physical basis of mental life. Importance of sensation, perception and conception.
  • 3. Adolescence ­ its significance and problems.
  • 4. Emotions and instincts ­ their importance in education, Importance of
    needs, drives and motives.
  • 5. Learning­ its meaning and importance, laws of learning, efficiency in
  • 6. Image and imagination, its importance in education.
  • 7. Memory— meaning and types of memory, cause of forgetting, attention
    and its relation to interest.
  • 8. Intelligence— its meaning and nature.
  • 9. Statistics in education — calculation of mean, medium and mode,
    standard deviation and quartile deviation, Coefficient of correlation by rank difference methods.


  • 1. Charter Act of 1813
  • 2. Anglicist — classicist controversy Macculay’s minute and Lord Bentinck’s resolution of 1835
  • 3. Wood’s Despatch of 1854— its effects on Indian education
  • 4. Indian Education Commission of 1882— primary and secondary education.
  • 5. Lord Curzon’s educational policy-Primary, Secondary and University education.
  • 6. Gokhale’s Bill on primary education­ resolution of 1913.
  • 7. Hartog committees report of 1929.
  • 8. Wardha Scheme of Education 1937, its implementation in India.
  • 9. Primary education Act of Assam 1926, problems in the Universalisation of primary education in Assam.
  • 10. Adult education — problems in the implementation of adult education
    programme—objectives and Aims of NAEP.
  • 11. Women education— is importance, problems in the implementation of the education programmes for the women their solution.


  • Foundation of Educational Thought and Practices by B. N. Das
  • Theories and Principles of education by J. C Aggarwal
  • Educational Psychology by Dr. Sunita Agarwalla
  • History and Problems of Indian Education by Dr. S.P. Chaube
  • Landmarks in the history of Indian education by J. C Aggarwal
  • Development of Education in India by Dr. Sadhana Goswami and Dr. Phunu Das Sarma
  • Statistics In Psychology & Education by Henry E.Garrett
  • Wikipedia.org ( for Concept Clearance )



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