Make In India Initiative

Nearly 50 percent of Indian population depends on agriculture and allied activities for livelihood. But if contribution to GDP is taken as the parameter, India is predominantly a service economy, and service sector has near 60 percent share of total GDP. Whatever way we see India, there is no doubt that India lacks behind in one sector : The Manufacturing Sector. Yes, this structural problem of Indian economy is highlighted by many economists for many years, and all previous governments had taken some steps to boost manufacturing. The Make in India Initiative by the present government is a big step in this direction, towards making India, an investment hub for manufacturing.

What is Make In India?
Make In India is a new national program designed to transform India into a global manufacturing hub. It contains lot of proposals designed to urge companies — local and foreign — to invest in India and make the country a manufacturing powerhouse.

Sectors covered under Make In India programme
The focus of Make In India programme is on creating jobs and skill enhancement in 25 sectors. These include:
1. Automobiles.
2. Aviation.
3. Chemicals.
4. IT & BPM.
5. Pharmaceuticals.
6. Construction.
7. Defense manufacturing.
8. Electrical machinery.
9. Food processing.
10. Textiles and garments.
11. Ports.
12. Leather.
13. Media and entertainment.
14. Wellness.
15. Mining.
16. Tourism and hospitality.
17. Railways.
18. Automobile components.
19. Renewable energy.
20. Mining.
21. Bio-technology.
22. Space.
23. Thermal power.
24. Roads and highways.
25. Electronics systems.

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