APSC Mains 2015 – GS Paper Analysis and Sectional Breakdown


It's very important that we know the definite trend of question being recently asked in the Mains Exam. Thus, the GS Paper of 2015 is analyzed and section-wise break-up of the total no. of questions and marks are done here, to give you a better idea of the areas/topics more question appears in the exam.

Topics Sectional Marks Questions Marks
Indian Polity & Political system in India 47 Main characteristics of 73rd Constitutional amendment? Critical assessment on it’s working 16
discuss Federal features of Indian Constitution? What is the Quasi-federal character of the Indian Union 16
‘Right to Property’ was guaranteed by which Article? Present position of this Right? 5
Strength needed of largest Opp party to claim position of Leader of Opp 2
Chairman of Constituent Assembly? Chairman of Drafting Committee? 2
‘Original Jurisdiction’ of Supreme Court of India 2
‘Pocket Veto’ of President 2
System for removal of President of India 2
Indian Economy &Planning Processes in India 137 Objectives of 12th Five Year Plan of Assam? Discuss progress of the plan over first three years 16
Discuss the Structure and functioning of rural banking in Assam. How can SHG fill the need of microfinance at grassroot level in rural areas 16
Major features of tribal development planning. How it reduce social inequality 16
assessing population problem of India, make a strategy for population planning and human resource dev in India 16
main features of national income trends during past six decades in India. Performance of national income in Agri sector 16
what major ‘Tax Reform Measures’ in Union budget 2016-17? Elaborate one most important measures ? 8
Brief about decentralised planning in Assam and it’s advantages? 8
Main features of Rooftop Solar Program ? highlight chances of it’s success/failure in context of Assam? 8
Brief on Blue Revolution in India 5
IMR and MMR? Their importance 5
Gender Inequality Index? It’s thrust areas? 5
When Two occasion of Plan holidays & why? 2
Mahalanobis model? 2
Which plan theme ‘faster, sustainable and more inclusive growth’? time period? 2
name tow head under revenue receipts of Assam Govt 2
two projects implemented under NEC in Assam 2
Direct Tax Code ? 2
Two main cash crops of Assam? 2
'Footloose Industry’? 2 eg. 2
IMR and MMR in Assam 2
Geography of India and Assam 79 Explain Importance of water resources and means of water conservation. Explain drought situation prevalent in India recently 16
Main causes responsible for Ganga river pollution and suggest measures. Recent move of govt Clean Ganga Mission 16
Distinguish b/w wasteland and wetland? Measures by Central and state govt to preserve wetlands in Assam 16
give an estimate of magnitude of water crisis in India? Is river-linking project a solution to the problem? Reasons? 8
What is Paris Agreement on Climate change ? Critically examine main highlights of the Agreement? It’s chances of success? 8
Bioshpere Reserve? Explain with reference to particular Biosphere Reserve in India 8
Integrated watershed management plan? 5
Name of Brahmaputra in it’s upper course and lower course 2
Role and impact of Science and Technology in India 33  Effects of Zika virus? India’s situation? Measures needed 16
DNA Fingerprinting? Eg of it’s application 5
First Indian remote sensing Satellite & date of launch 2
how heat energy comes from sun to earth 2
Cryogenic engine? 2
LED bulb? 2
What is ‘Standard Positioning System’ and ‘Precision Posisitonng system’ in GPS? 2
Current Events of National and International importance 53 features of Iran’s nuclear agreement signed with five nuclear power countries and Germany? Discuss India-Iran relationship in the shadow fo the deal 16
Discuss circumstances leading to estd of Bodoland Territorial Council. Implication of setting up such council for other ethnic communities of Assam? 8
‘Stand up India scheme’? it’s importance? 5
features of New Pension Scheme? 5
issues focused in G-7 Summit 2015 5
Gotthard Base Tunnel? 2
‘Give it Up’ scheme? 2
Literacy rate & density of Assam, as per Census 2011 2
2016 South Asian Games host country? Which states? 2
Golden Quadrilateral ? 2
Carbon trading 2
Which global body designated Boko Haram as terrorist group? Boko Haram in? 2
Indian Culture, Ancient and Modern History of India 80 main recommendation of Cabinet Mission Plan? Describe Assam’s fight against grouping system 16
Genesis of Brahmo Samaj? Assess it’s role in socio-religious changes in 19th century India 16
Political Org during Rig Vedic period? Changes occurred during later Vedic period 16
Discuss status and role of ‘Namghar’ in social and cultural life of Assam 8
short note ‘Malinithan’ of Arunachal Pradesh 5
why Bengal Partitioned in 1905 5
Meaning of ‘Dimasa’ 2
Chihnyatra? 2
Why was Redcliff Committee Appointed? 2
When province of Eastern Bengal and Assam created? Capital? 2
ruler of Kamarupa during Hiuen Tsang’s visit? 2
Who is known as ‘Bamuni Konwar’ 2
‘Bathow Puja’ 2
* Includes OR Questions also