APSC Mains – Political Science 2015 Question Paper I & Paper II

It’s very important that we know the definite trend of question being recently asked in the Mains Exam. Thus, the Polity Paper I & Paper II of 2015 is given here, to give you a better idea of the areas/topics more question appears in the exam.



Q. Define political science and discuss its scope.Is political science simply a study of state and government.

Q.  What is the difference between behaviourism and post-behviouralism? Discuss the characteristics of behaviouralism in relation to  traditionalism.

Q. What is individualism ? Explain the arguments of JS Mill and herbert spencer in defence of individualism.Point out the weakness of individualism.

Q. What is laissez Faire state.In what respect does it differ from a welfare state?Discuss.

Q. Enumerate the essential features of Democracy.Bring out the distinction between democracy and Dictatorship.

Q. Explain Austin’s theory of Sovereignty.Examine the Pluralists attack on it.

Q. Plato s republic is not a work on politics but the finest treatise on education that has never been written. Explain and

Q. What, according to Aristotle, are the causes of revolution? Discuss the remedies he suggested.

Q. What is meant by liberty?Examine the relation between liberty and equality.

Q. Why is independent judiciary considered important in a democratic system?how can judicial independence be ensured? Discuss.

Q. Analyse Gandhi’s theory of trusteeship.Is the theory practicable.

Q. Elaborate Marxian view of state as an instrument of class domination

Q. Elaborate the function of a Socialist state

Q. Examine the challenges to sovereignty of the state in the contemporary world

Q. Discuss the nature and kinds of Authority.

Q. Write note on plato’s concept of Ideal State.

Q. Bring out plato’s view on emancipation of women.

Q. “State is prior to individual “.Discuss

Q. Write a note on Marx’s theory of class struggle.

Q. Examine Gandhi’s concept of swaraj.



Q. Discuss the constitutional developments during the freedom movement highlighting the importance of Nehru Report and Lahore congress Resolution.

Q. What are the provision for constitutional protection of right to freedom of religion and how far they succeeded in promoting
secularism in India? Discuss.

Q. Is it correct to say that the Indian constitution is ‘a ragbag of borrowings’?Give reasons for your answer.

Q. Examine the significance of the directive principle of state policy as laid down in the constitution of India. To what extent have these directive been implemented

Q. What are the different ways of acquiring Indian citizenship?How can Indian citizenship be lost ? Discuss

Q. Critically evaluate the emergency powers of the president of india and justify the emergency provision of the constitution of India.

Q. Discuss the superior position of the union in respect of legislative relation between the centre and the states in India.

Q. What are the major tension areas in Union State relation in India?

Q. Examine the changing structure of Panchayati Raj institution in India with special reference to the 73rd constitution Amendment Act.”

Q. How is the american President Elected?Discuss the powers and function of the president of USA.

Q. Analyse the composition and functions of the house of Lords.Do you agree that the House of Lords needs to be mended not ended.

Q. What is the composition of the security council of the UNO? What are its functions?Do you support the argument that there should be more permanent members in the security council of UNO ?Give reasons

Q. Explain the basic principles of the preamble to the constitution of India.

Q. How is the union council of minsters constituted?describe its composition.

Q. The problem of India bureaucracy is not that it is a bureaucracy, but that it carries too much baggage of the past.”Examine Discuss the role of the speaker of the Lok Sabha.

Q. Write a note on ‘role of law’ of british political system.

Q. Write a note on the powers and functions of US senate.

Q. Discuss the composition and Functions of Zilla Parishad under the Assam Panchayat Act,1994.

Q. Write a note on judicial activism in India.


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