APSC Mains – Political Science 2006 Question Paper I & Paper II

It’s very important that we know the definite trend of question being recently asked in the Mains Exam. Thus, the Polity Paper I & Paper II of 2006 is given here, to give you a better idea of the areas/topics more question appears in the exam.



Q. Comment on any three of the following:
1.”virture is knowledge ”
2.”political science beings and ends with the state ”
3.”…all peaceful beginings of government have been laid in the consent of the people. ”
4.” The Authority of the state rests on violence. ”
5.”State exists for the sake of good life,not for the sake of life only.”
Q. Define political science and examine its scientific character.
Q. Analyse the concept of power and discuss the nature of political power.
Q. Highlight the factors leading to the emergence of the concept of welfare state.What are the major function of a welfare state?
Q. Explain the significant features of a parliamentary form of government.How to distinguish it from the presidential form
Q. Highligh the relationship between any two of the following :
1.liberty and equality
2.truth and non violence
3.state and society
4.Democracy and human personality
Q. Explain the Gandhi concept of non violence.Examine the utility of the technique of non violent resistance in a modern state.
Q. Explain the process of withering away of the state in the light of Marxian theory of state.
Q. Analyse the plato’s theory of communism.How will you distinguish it from the modern concept of communism
Q. Discuss the causes of revolution in a state as indentifiedby Aristole.
Q. Highlight the significant contribution of the following thinkers.
1.Abraham lincoln
2.jean jacques rousseau
3.John Rawls
4.Harold J laski



Q. Comment on any three of the following :
1.”India, that is Bharat ,shall be a Union of States. ”
2.”At the commencement of the contribution every person who has his domicile in the territory of India and who was born in the territory of India..shall be a citizen of India. ”
3.”No person who is a member of a Civil Services of the Union…shall be dismissed or removed by an authority subordinate to that by which he was appointed “.
Q. What is the utility of the Indian administrative service
Q. Justify the position of the Us president as the real chied executive
Q. Evaluate the role of the Civil Service in India.To what extent the civil service are commited to the welfare of the nation
Q. Discuss the areas of tension in the centre state relationship in the Indian federal system.
Q. Analyse the significant features of the American senate
Q. Write a critique on the powers and functions of the British Prime Minister.
Q. Discuss the role of the UNO in spreading human rights education amongst nations.
Q. Analyse the judicial sytem in India and justify the supreme court as the guardian of the constitution of India.
Q. Analyse the sources of the constitution of India.Is the constitution a bag of borrowing?Justify Your answer.
Q. Explain the directive principle of state policy in corporated in the constitution of India.To what extent these principles conform to the Gandhian thought.
Q. Answer any three of the following :
1.justiy Indian Democracy as a Representative democracy.
2.Forward arguments in favour of a strong centre in India.
3.Comment on the collective security of the Ministers to the Lok Sabha.
4.What is the role of the Governor of a state during President s rule .

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