APSC Mains 2016 – GS Paper – Strategy & Study Plan, Tests, Suggestions

APSC CC(Mains) Exam 2016 – GS Paper

GS Paper on 18-02-2018 (Sunday)

Exam Full Schedule – Link


In the remaining days, please keep your cool and focus on consolidating whatever you have already completed.

Revise religiously and don’t try to read many new things/materials.

Practicing Answer writing is a must for all ( who already have been writing answers and those who have not even started writing ( Thought of writing directly in Answer writing sheets provided by APSC).


Tips for writing better Answer (to fetch good marks in General studies Papers in APSC Mains exam)

  1. Understanding the question – Understood what the question ask, so that you can write  only relevant points and opinion to the same. ( Never beat around the bush, if you know the exact answer ).
  2. Organise Answers well – Answers should be organised well according to the question. If Question is in many parts, try to break answers also in parts or at-least put it in the logical order of the question.
  3. Use important points and keywords – This will help not to deviate from the central point. Some questions have two parts. Here aspirants should answer the two parts in an organized manner with a logical flow.
  4. Maintain the word limit – This is very important. Always try to stick to the word limits directed by the question paper. If word limit not mentioned, generally try to put answers in (Marks x 10) words, i.e. for 10 Marks = 10×10 = 100 words.
  5. Logical Flow – For large essay type questions, try to impart flow like introduction, body, conclusion
  6. Point-wise – Try to keep answers in point-wise like bullet-listing ( if possible) and facts that support their viewpoint or main argument in the answer.

Types of questions asked in the UPSC Mains Exam

  • Elaborate: In this type of question candidates are required to explain in details the main point/concept in question in detail. Don’t give your personal views.
  • Discuss: Elaborate and bring out the pros and cons or both sides of the question.
  • Elucidate: They are required to make the question clear or explain or elaborate in detail. Candidates’ views on the matter are not required in this type of questions.
  • Critically Examine: Candidate should observe or analyse the main idea of the question and associate merits and demerits and bring a definite conclusion in their answer.
  • Express your views: This type of questions require candidates’ unique perspective. Candidates show express their clear views supported with relevant facts.


Test Series

Mains GS Mock Test (FREE)

Mains GS Paper Test Series ( 6 Tests + Answer Boosters) 

Test Series will be of immense help to help you prepare for the GS Paper of Mains Exam.


Answer Writing Practice Question ( Set 1 – 20) Page – Click Here

This initiative is created to motivate serious APSC Assam civil service aspirants to practise  answer writing  to improve performance in the APSC CC (Mains) Exam. Questions covering mostly of dynamic sections of  GS syllabus are posted regularly. Learners please write the answers and review others’ answer, which will ultimately improve the answer writer, reviewer and most importantly the answer itself.


Study Materials

Indian Polity & Political system in India

Indian Economy & Planning Processes in India

Geography of India and Assam

Current Events of National and International importance

Indian Culture, Ancient and Modern History of India

International Relation & Security

Role and impact of Science and Technology in India


Old Questions



2002 & 1999

Analyzing Previous Years Questions give you a better idea of the areas/topics more question appears in the exam.


Syllabus & Reference Books – Click Here

And after your paper, you can discuss questions, answers and everything about the paper, in the comment sections.