APSC Mains Answer Writing – Questions for Week 29 Jan-04 Feb.’18

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APSC Questions - Mains Answer Writing - Assam Exam

APSC Mains Questions – Set 21 [ 29 Jan-04 Feb.2018 ]

Write answers to these Questions, Review others’ Answer, Ask Doubts and Discuss

Q1. Discuss the Phulaguri uprising of 1861 and Patharughat uprising of 1894. (250 Words)

Q2. Discuss India’s achievements in the field of Space Science and Technology. How the application of this technology has helped India in its socio-economic development? (250 Words)

Q3. Evaluate the economic and strategic significance of India’s Look East Policy. (250 Words)

Q4. Write a short note on Assam Sahitya Sabha. (100 Words)


NOTE: Learners please write the answers and review others’ answer , which will ultimately improve the answer writer, reviewer and most importantly the answer itself.

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