APSC Mains – HISTORY 2015 Question Paper I & Paper II

It’s very important that we know the definite trend of question being recently asked in the Mains Exam. Thus, the History Paper I & Paper II of 2015 is given here, to give you a better idea of the areas/topics more question appears in the exam.


  • Analyse the features of urban civilization in the harappan culture.what were the factors responsible for its decline
  • What were srenis under mauryan administration.Assess their role in the development of mauryan economy
  • “review samudragupta military expeditions.to what extent did he succeed in the extension of gupta political sway in  india”
  • bring out the salient features of Harshavardhana s administration.What was his contribution to the changing agrarian economy
  • “Examine the market regulation of Alauddin khalji.To what extend did it strengthen the economy under the khalji rule”
  • Discuss Akbar s religious policy.Was it borne out of political consideration or was it inspired by higher motives
  • In what ways were Aurangzeb’s Rajput policy different for that of his predeccessors.What were the consequence
  • Compare the teachings of kabir and nanak.What impact they have on indian society and culture
    Critically examine the factors behind the introduction of subsidiary alliance system.To what extent did it contribute to british paramountcy in india
  • “Examine the main features of the Doctrine of Lapse.IN what way was its application by Dalhousie responsible for revolt of 1857”
  • Make an economic critique of colonialism.Explain dadabhai naoroji ‘s drain theory in this context
  • Discuss the circumstances leading to the Quit India movement.Examine its significance
  • write briefly on Megasthene account.What light did it throw on the administration of Chandragupta Maurya
  • Discuss the Cultural and trade contact of India with the outside world during the Gupta period
  • describe the chola village assemblies.To what extent were they democratic in nature
  • why did the Arabs invade sind?what was its outcome
  • What were chauth and sardeshmukhi? Examine their significance
  • Highlight the salient features of Ranjit singhs adminstration.Why did the Sikh power collapse after his death
  • “Briefly state the underlying motives behind the introduction of the permanent Zamindari system.What was its impact on the peasantry”
  • why did Gandhi take up salt tax as an issue during the civil disobedience movement?Was he able to attain his objective


  • Discuss the religious policy of Queen Elizabeth 1.what were the challenges that she faced in this regard
  • “examine the foreign policy of oliver Cromwell.Do you agree with the view that it seriously disturbed the balance of powers in europe”
  • Analyze the causes that led to the industrial revolution in England.What are its impact
  • Form an estimate of robert Walpole.Why did he eventually fall from power
  • what was the charist Movement.Explain the significance
  • Examine the causes of the French Revolution(1789).To what extent was it a challenge to the old regime of france
  • What was the edict of emancipation issued bt Tzar Alexander 2 in 1858.what was the result of emancipation
  • discuss the role of cavour in the unification of Italy.Compare his contribution to mazzing Garibaldi
  • Evaluate the treaty of Versailles.To what extent did it the seeds of world war 2
  • asses the three point programme of Sun yat sen.What impact did it have on china
  • Analyse the reforms iniated by Mustafa kamal.What was his major achievements
  • Account for the growth of Nazism in Germany.Discuss nature of the Nazi Government under Hitler
  • “Trace the origin of the cabinet system of government of England. how did the reform bill of 1832 clarify the base principles of the cabinet systems”
  • Discuss Bismarck’s policy of ‘blood and Iron ‘.to what extent was it successful
  • why did the United states of America enter world war 1?whta impact did it have on the course of the war
  • discuss the importance of the Crimean war in European History.Did it bring about an era of change
  • who was General Franco?trace his rise to power
  •  Why was world war 2 described as ‘total war ‘?how did it differ from earlier war
  • what are the main objectives of the UNO ? What are its principal organs
  • write a short note on japan ‘s attack of pearl harbour.


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