APSC Mains – HISTORY 2014 Question Paper I & Paper II

It’s very important that we know the definite trend of question being recently asked in the Mains Exam. Thus, the History Paper I & Paper II of 2014 is analyzed and section-wise break-up of the total no. of questions and marks are done here, to give you a better idea of the areas/topics more question appears in the exam.


  • critical account of principal ascpects of Indus Valley Civilization? Is it diff. from and anterior to culture of Vedic period
  • Diff b/n Digvijaya and Dharmavijaya. Examine main features of Ashoka’s Dhamma
  • how far can you justify Gupta period to be Golden Age in Indian History
  • examine role of Kanauj-Kamrupa alliance in checking rising power of Sasanka of Gauda
  • examine contest of supremacy in Northern India b/n Mughals and Afghansb/n 1526 ans 1556
  • Discuss Akbar as a national king
  • Evaluate administrative system established by Shivaji. According to you, was his system was an autocracy
  • Evaluate Aurangazeb’s religious policy. How far he was responsible for decline of Mughal Empire
  • analyse influence of Islam on Indian Culture
  • Evaluate impact of Clive’sDual govt. in Bengal
  • Nature of Revolt of 1857? Was it nationa rising to destroy British Power or only a rebellion of group of disconnected sepoys
  • reasons that led to Partition of Bengal in 1905. Discuss consequent of anti-partition or Swadeshi Movement.
  • Sailent feature of Govt of India Act 1935

Short note on

  • Effets of Alexander’s invasion of India
  • Society in Rig Vedic period
  • Military administration of Ala-ud-din Khilji
  • Mansabdari system ofAkbar
  • Doctrine of Lapse
  • Home Rule Movement


  • progress of reformation in the reign of Henry VIII
  • circumstances leading to Glorious Revolution of 1688. How far was it glorious.
  • why Great Britain’s Americal Colonies revolted against her. Significance of this rebellion
  • Examine Napoleon’s Continental System. Was it a ‘grave political blunder’
  • describe works of the Concert of Europe form 1815 to 1822. Why Concert of Europe fall?
  • Elucidate Character and role of Matternich in Europe History. Account for ultimate failure of matternish policy or Matternich System
  • Discuss causes of World War I
  • Trace emergence and growth of Fascism in Italy
  • Principles and aims of UNO? Brief about it’s diff organs
  • Circumstances leading to Chinese Revolution of 1911. It’s Results?

Short note on

  • Oliver Cromwell
  • Reign of Terror
  • Kulturkampf
  • Kaiser William II
  • Crimean War
  • Emancipation of Serfs
  • Mustapha Kamal and modernisation of Turkey


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