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As due to lack of genuine institutions for preparation of Assam job exams, a large no. of aspiring candidates, mainly from not so big cities, rural and remote ares, have no/little assistance and rely mainly on self-study only. AssamExam.com will help bridging this information/ assistance gap, taking advantage of the ubiquitous mobile and internet.

We wish to bring an unique online learning experience for aspirants of APSC and other Assam jobs,  to help all candidates including those who are otherwise not able to get good opportunities for preparation.

"Make Competition Better And Fair."

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AssamExam.com, an initiative of Adhikary Education, to provide quality  study  materials, tests  and  other  assistance  for preparation  of APSC Exams and other competitive Assam Govt job exams.

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Smita Rani Adhikary

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